Garden Refurbishing

BrieHelensHorizWhat is Garden Refurbishing?

The work to refurbish a garden is at times similar to a mini landscape design project without significant changes to the hardscape or the overall layout of the garden. The labor involved may be as simple as a days work with one or more people, or a crew of workers for an extended period. You may know exactly the areas of the garden that you would like renewed or you might like our assistance to help decide boundaries for improvement. In all instances what is to be done for refurbishing will require proper planning up front and a pre-approved target budget.


Refurbishing a small area can produce big results!

Removing some foundation plantings allowed space for a mini meditative spot. When plants become too large for a space they can easily be transplanted to other locations in the garden.

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Refurbish with color!

Why be ordinary when there is a chance to be extraordinary? When its time to refurbish, consider making some color changes at the same time.

Refurbish with unique decor and art!

We’ll have lots of ways in which you can renew your space and make it unique and special by adding decor and art to the mix.

How it Works

Most likely we will start with a consultation to determine the needs, then develop a plan and go from there. If you don’t have design or aesthetic questions we will be happy to refer one of our contractors to bid the work you have in mind.

After we have collaborated to create the scope of work and have the materials approved, we can set to work with your gardener, or refer one of our contractors to see to the work with designer observation and master gardener assistance. We may suggest starting with moving plants that have gotten too large or are not doing well to another location in the garden.

A renewed garden usually needs some space clearing and artful proper pruning of existing material before supplemental plants or container gardens are added to rejuvenate the space. We’ll suggest amending the soil with organic treatments mychorrhizae and pro-biotic beneficial microbes.

This may be the time to upgrade to a weather based smart controller and drip lines or low emitter systems to reign in the water costs and properly irrigate new drought tolerant plantings. We can also help with a new lighting design including LED low volt lights or other low power lighting solutions. Your project may include our Fine Art Exterior Prints or Inspiration Plaques.

Container Gardens

An easy way to refurbish a garden, or create a new garden is with plants in containers. We source from a variety of wholesale suppliers and a multitude of pot and planters options including ‘self watering ’ containers, terra cotta, metal, and many synthetic lighter weight products. The prices for containers are just as broad. What we select will be tied to the budget.

A container can be a miniature diorama and an intimate spot to drift away in contemplation!