Experiential Gardens

“The Nature of Play” Garden from Ketti Global on Vimeo

We continue to ask ourselves how our choices affect future generations, and what we can create to improve our lives and personal experiences by deepening our connectivity to our outdoor spaces. As a result of sitting with these questions, and many more, Conscious Living Landscapes was born.

An evolution from traditional landscape design to designer of experiential spaces allows us to go deeper into mutual collaborations that interpret and incorporate visions, dreams, and feelings for the land and resulting retreat spaces that are site appropriate, easy to care for, and environmentally responsible.


“The Nature of Play” pencil drawing by Ketti Kupper for the 30’ x 30’ garden.

“We look to the garden as a place to reveal hidden everyday magic.”

Garden styles come and go, and although our own notion of beauty is more aligned with a native meadow than a groomed lawn these days, the sentiment of seeing the garden as a place for gathering friends, generating fun, and getting in touch with our imagination will never go out of style. This Garden Tea Party photo of some of our team members in 2006 by Ashley Elizabeth Ford is a great reminder to have fun and find the magic in whenever we can.

“Garden Tea Party” Photograph by Ashley Elizabeth Ford.

We enjoy designing landscapes that include destination areas for play, exercise, meditation, sound or aromatic experiences, taste experiences, socializing, dining, writing, reading, resting, tactile and visual experiences, cultivating food, soil and water life experiences, and insect or animal life studies.

One of our young friends has been using our garden to conduct fairy studies, collect data, and develop new findings. Her magnifying glass has revealed many things. Some of the magic that she has discovered is so enthralling that she says she’s too excited to go to sleep at night.

Let us know what experiences would you like to have in your landscape and we’ll work with you to bring it into being.

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