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Architectural Landscapes + Exterior Design with Sustainable Landscape Options in Los Angeles

Our Design Process

Los Angeles based Conscious Living Landscapes specializes in the design, installation, and project support of exceptional outdoor environments.  Our elegant yet cost-conscious outdoor design is available with eco friendly, low water and sustainable landscape design options.

Our projects include decks and patios, spas and slopes, plantscapes and playscapes, water and fire features, garden structures and garden grading and terracing.  The purpose for our work includes therapeutic healing and meditation gardens, to outdoor living and entertaining spaces.  Owner Ketti Kupper, a former art professor and HGTV featured landscape designer, brings twenty plus years of professional experience, and a wealth of knowledge to each project. The team is comprised of architects, arborists, licensed contractors, permaculturalists, and related landscape and engineering specialists.  Our design-build services are offered in conjunction with our affiliate contractors.

Ketti’s previous art and design clients include corporate giants such as American Express, Frito Lay, Avon Products, Mary Kaye Cosmetics and Texas Instruments. She can bring the same caliber of work she is respected for in this arena to your project.  Ketti will be designing, or overseeing the design for your Los Angeles home landscape, HOA project, commercial, institutional or corporate environmental design.  Green roofs and experiential gardens are particularly appropriate for resort, medical center and travel industry landscapes. Services include long distance design, planning and consulting.

Conscious Living Landscapes combines exceptional know-how with architectural innovation to produce eco friendly environments that are both functional and aesthetic.  We analyze the specific needs of each client and the requirements of the site to develop unique designs and sustainable landscape solutions.

We start by learning about your needs and ‘Wish List’, or we will help you develop one and a hierarchy of priorities.  We’ll discuss your favorite places, and consider a preliminary construction budget whether your priority is for an eco friendly garden or a comfortable space for groups to gather. With this information a design services proposal can be prepared.

An ‘existing conditions’ map of the space and a preliminary site assessment is necessary to begin our work.  This may take place at the end of the initial consultation visit with a photo survey and some preliminary measurements.  We may schedule a time for a more detailed site survey.  The complexity of the project will define the extent of the information we may be gathering such as soil conditions, recording existing plants and hardscapes, spot elevations, utilities, architectural features, etc. This may be as simple as a few photos and a base map, or a more detailed topography survey may be required depending on the scope of the project. Once this information is complete, the design process will begin.

We will research relative to your design needs. Inspirational imagery will be gathered. Concepts will be developed and sketched. We’ll develop a plant relationship study and preliminary budget estimates. Next, we’ll present our concept package. Your feedback is important here before moving forward. The final concept will incorporate all your thoughts into the final design documents.  Ball-Park Estimations with the help of our contractors is often an ongoing part of our design process as an aid to keeping the design intention in sync with client goals.

During the construction phase, design materials are sourced and specified based on current availability. We supply plants, stone, tile and masonry materials, lighting, landscape amenities, and design elements. Our construction team provides the labor and general building materials.

Bidding and Estimating, Construction, and Maintenance

Once the landscape design is complete, construction bids will be obtained which will include all aspects of the construction project. Our installation team includes designers, fabricators and artists along with licensed contractors and skilled workers. Our contractors, Mr. Cohen (Lic. #920629), Mr. Contreras (Lic. #920836), and Mr. Rodriguez (Lic. #699761) have installed our designs for years.

Kobi at work

Mr. Cohen is a master craftsman with international experience building houses, additions, decks, garden structures and more. He has extensive knowledge about hardwoods and is a certified Trex installer.

Periodic maintenance during the first two years is particularly important to insure proper care of your young plants, longevity of your garden, and protection of your original investment. Our maintenance consulting program is offered on a monthly, quarterly, or seasonal basis, all under Ketti’s guidance.


Our landscape contractors are experienced with all aspects of landscape and outdoor construction needs.Mr. Contreras is an irrigation systems expert developing hydro-zones for all types of plant material including California natives. Our team members are excellent problem solvers, meticulous in their efforts, and respectful of client needs, project schedules, privacy, and existing site conditions. 

HGTV “Landscaper’s Challenge”

This “Backyard Get-Away” included a reposition-able outdoor mural created to camouflage the side of a neighbor’s garage, a secluded reading nook and outdoor dining destination. This site had confining and unpleasant constraints between the back door, the garage, and the driveway trash area. How did this homeowner make a secret garden retreat with these challenges? Click to find out what Ketti told her. Or choose to watch a condensed version of the episode.