Design Consulting

We consult for a wide range of landscape, exterior and interior needs; whether you are a homeowner interested in a one-time meeting for initial design ideas and validation of goals, or a large corporation or service provider interested in a Design-Thinking and design development assistance. We excel at innovative solutions and solving challenging problems.

Getting design advice before taking action to determine the best goals for a space is a cost saving choice. Design decisions effect demolition goals for plants, grades, hardscapes or structures. Design guidance is particularly valuable before or during tree pruning or removal. A branch removed unnecessarily cannot be restored.

Your project may benefit from simple design concept sketching, color palette studies, architectural finishes, plant combinations and horticulture research or space planning. More involved project planning and administration is also an option.


You are the one to tell the story of who you really are and we have the expertise and sensitivity to help make your dream vision a reality. One of our clients, a savvy advertising agency president, aptly stated, “We’re saying who we are with these plants!” It’s so important to be present in our own space as an individual, family or corporation and have the world outside recognize us for who we are.

How it Works

We will come to your site to meet with you and better understand the needs. We can also consult by phone, email or long distance.

A consultation rate is factored according to the distance from our studio and the time requested for the initial meeting. Discounts are given for multiple consulting sessions, and flat fee agreements can be made according to a scope of work or goals.

Long Distance Design

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find what you’re looking for around the corner. It may take a longer reach to get to the inspiration and greatness ahead. Reach out to us with projects anywhere in the U.S. or abroad.

  • Consult with us as an individual or a group.
  • Gain new perspectives with us as Design Thinking collaborators on many topics.
  • Develop exceptional master plan concepts, or area details.
  • Produce uncommon plant combination studies.
  • Hire us to collaborate with a larger design or architectural firm.
  • Bring us in on a Mediascape, 3-D Imaging or Synthetic Ecology design project.
  • Add our services to an Environmental Design or Wayfinding Design solution.
  • Choose our existing image or commission new fine or graphic art for outdoor or indoor needs.
  • Use beautiful drawings to help generate funding for a design concept.

Working long distance follows essentially the same steps as working locally. Much of this is described in the Process section our Landscape Design-Build page.

Establishing the goals, schedule and budget range for the project. Developing a site study to include any relevant details. A landscape design project this will require an accurate base map and a photo survey, climate and micro climates analysis, neighboring flora, native plants and soil study etc.

We will research and develop

  • A design or master plan concept; project theme and options.
  • A schematic plant palette
  • Architectural concepts

Client feedback and continued refinements continue as needed. Our representations may be Hand Drawings, CAD, VectorWorks or other imaging media.

Design Concepts

We design for a variety of residential and commercial settings.

  • Private Residences
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Community Living Settings
  • Corporate Office Parks
  • Retreat Venues
  • Resort Venues
  • Hospitality Settings
  • Parks & Recreation Areas
  • Worship Venues
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Institutional Settings
  • Sr. Living Centers
  • Retail Settings
  • Travel Venues
  • Public Spaces
  • Events & Staging

Gift Yourself or Gift Another

Guidance from an experienced designer with innovative ideas and vision can open new doors in thinking with a single meeting. Our services and products can be purchased by credit card through Pay Pal.

Contact us to schedule a consultation or discuss your needs!