Kernel of Truth Sculpture Installed at L.A. Arboretum

After months of hard work fabricating the sculpture, we finally had it installed at the Los Angeles Arboretum!


It was incredible to see the final sculpture nestled in it’s new home for the next few months. Ketti took a lot of time scouting the perfect location in the gardens for her sculpture to ensure the piece had an organic harmony with the surrounding plants and landscape.

The Kernel of Truth is on view at the Arboretum April 1st – August 1st! We snapped some gorgeous photos to share. All the hard labor paid off and we are so proud to have it included at the Arboretum!

Quick tip: admission to the Los Angeles Arboretum is FREE every 2nd Tuesday of the month! Treat yourself to an afternoon stroll among the lush landscapes and enjoy the sculpture exhibit! Ketti’s Kernel of Truth is located near the Peacock Cafe. Check out the additional slideshow below!

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