Conscious Life Jewelry™ BTS Photo Shoot

April 7: A Beautiful Day in Agoura Hills

We had a beautiful spring day with absolutely perfect California weather for our first Lookbook photo-shoot of our line: Conscious Life Jewelry. A lot of planning went into bringing together a great group of people to make this happen. And, of course, having an exceptional photographer at the helm was crucial to making good use of the talent that we gathered!

Teal Druda set the tone for the shoot with her make-up and styling at model Alyena Koehler’s home. She brought her own brand of talent and creativity to every scene all day long. But we wouldn’t have had the fabulous settings for our work without the efforts of Alyena’s mom Teresa. (And of course we wouldn’t have Alyena without her either!) Teresa is a videographer and photographer. You can see her work at teresakoehlerphotography ; she was there with her camera as well. It was a family affair with Alyena’s dad filling in as the lighting assistant. Our other model, Asa Dyer, who also works as a photographer, was an all-around delight all day long.

As someone who really appreciates details, I am so happy with Angela’s attentive focus. She captured a story with a few strands of hair that caught the breeze, and brought us in to see magic we might have otherwise missed in a field of dry weeds.

Check out  fstopinertia to see more of Angela’s work!! Enjoy the slideshow below detailing our BTS adventures!

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