Article: How to Maximize Small Gardens

15_09_24_JODOM_TOTALLANDSCAPECARE_thumbnailI was recently invited to contribute to an article about making the most of confined spaces when it comes to gardens for Total Landscape Care Online. I love finding creative solutions to every challenge and was excited to lend my voice to this great piece written by Jill Odom. Thanks again for inviting me to collaborate, Jill!

You can check out the article online at Total Landscape Care Online: How to Maximize Small Gardens. You can also download a PDF. Below is an excerpt from the article:

…Instead of cramming in 20 planter pots, shrink the number to five. By limiting the amount of materials you use, whether in building or planting, the design retains a unified, open feel.


“Avoid using too many garden floor textures or patterns,” Kupper said. “Restricting hardscape to two to three materials is helpful.”


It is important to design the usable spaces first, then move on to adding plant materials to the remaining areas…

Read the rest of the article here!

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